About Darcy's

Finger-licking Food Since 2007

About Darcy’s

Darcy’s has been serving the local area with flavorful, finger-licking food since 2007. Located in the Flourtown Farmers Market, Darcy’s serves up rotisserie chickens, ribs, wings, delicious side dishes and fresh squeezed juices. Owner Rory Lawler purchased the business in 2007 for his son, Darcy, who has a strong passion and commitment to the food industry. With the new ownership came the purchase of a modern juicer, proving fresh squeeze juices to Darcy’s customers. In 2008 Rory lost his job due to the state of the economy and Darcy turned the situation into a positive one. With his father able to fully devote his time to the business, Darcy used the opportunity to pursue his dream of attending culinary school.

Rory and Darcy currently run the business together providing exceptional food and customer service. Their customers not only return for the delicious offering of food, his out-going friendly persona also keeps them coming back for more. Darcy’s continues to grow, part of its’ success attributed to its’ location inside the Flourtown Farmers Market.